Heavy Duty Oil Drain Trolley For Your Mining Vehicles

Trolleys are a necessary form of equipment for transporting heavy loads from one place to another. They reduce the use of muscle work and help prevent physical fatigue.

FSP Oz Products’s oil drain trolley is designed to maintain low-ground clearance to collect engine oils, fluids, and coolants efficiently.

Designed And Manufactured For Oil And Mining Industries

With 28 years of experience innovating and developing products for the safety and comfort of workers in the oil and mining industry, FSP Oz Products’s oil drain trolley is another product well received by several companies across Australia. Our oil trolley comes in three capacities with varying applications. Choose from the 100l\L or 350L oil drain trolley for draining the fluids from your heavy-duty dump trucks.

FSP Oz Products offers a highly durable 150L capacity oil trolley designed to meet the requirements of a CAT 16M and CAT 18M grader. You can also use it for articulated dump trucks.

All our oil trolleys are engineered to give you the best possible experience. Here’s a list of features of FSP Oz Products’s oil drain trolleys.

  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Foot Jack for Braking
  • Removable Anti-Skid Work Platform
  • Solid Tyres for Easy Manoeuvrability
  • Zero Chances of Punctures
  • Plug to Make Oil Disposal Easy
  • Unique body design minimises inertial wave spillage.
  • Internal Baffles to reduce wave velocities
  • UV-Stabilised, Chemical-Resistant Trolleys
  • Highly Durable Material and Construction

Benefits Of Using Oil Trolleys

Make draining a vehicle’s maintenance fluids and transporting them more effortless. Oil drain trolleys aid your workers with manually draining and transporting fluids, saving time, increasing efficiency, and improving overall productivity.

Here are a few benefits of using oil drain trolleys at your site.

  • Efficiency in a large volume of maintenance fluids– Cut down the time and labour consumed, requiring just one person to operate the trolley, depending on the load.
  • Safety– Reduce the risk by minimising the contact between the fluids and your employees. Oil trolleys also reduce the risk of spillage incidents at the site.
  • Lower employee injury claims– Frequently lifting and handling heavy drums can cause severe back injuries. Keep your workers safe and healthy by providing them with the right tools for the task.

The FSP team is committed to producing quality products that meet your needs. We’re proud to offer you high-quality oil storage solutions. Enhance your site’s efficiency and productivity with UV stable, corrosion, rust and abrasion-resistant products like our oil drain trolley.

Get in touch with our experts for details on our line of products catering to the oil and gas industry.

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