Trellis Posts – PVC Plastic Trellis Posts For Agriculture – 100% Recyclable And Organic

Are you thinking of buying steel or wooden trellis posts? Or you could consider the longevity and durability of plastic posts.FSP’s heavy-duty, highly durable and long-lasting Trellis Posts can be used for a large variety of agriculture including trellising for wineries, saltwater oyster farming, and many other purposes. Made from PVC and 100% recycled polyethylene, our Trellis posts are UV stabilised and don’t break easily when bent. Moreover, they are trimmer friendly and enable efficient harvesting of more crops around the posts due to their extreme flexibility. The range of Trellis Posts is available in light colours which means they will reflect the light, encouraging better growth for crops. Take a look at the video at the bottom of the page.

DID YOU KNOW: Certified  Organic by BioGro New Zealand

BioGro number 5441 –

Patent: WO 2020/019021

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