When it comes to lockers, every organisation has their own requirements. A narrow locker might work well for an office setup, but might not be a best storage solution for schools. A standard configuration might not provide the right solution, thus not giving you the full value for your storage investment.

If you are looking for custom-made lockers that are tailored and built the way you want them, reach out to FSP New Zealand today. Our range of custom-made lockers are customised to cater to your unique storage needs.

Customise Your Locker Units With FSP New Zealand

A reputed manufacturer and supplier of high density polyethylene lockers, FSP New Zealand has been delivering supreme quality products across many organisations, including schools, gyms, factories and offices.

With over 2 decades of extensive experience in the industry, we thoroughly understand how the storage demands vary. With our array of modular lockers, you get an incredible customisation option, so you can fine tune the units according to your needs.

You can select a body-base size that suits your storage needs. Additionally, you get to choose any colour for your locker from 25 different colours. Select a colour scheme that goes well with the decor of your organisation.

Whether you want a deep locker or a narrow unit, our lockers are built the way you want them! Depending on their usage and what items you want to store:

Build your lockers your way

The OZLOKA® system is based on a simple modular system that allows you incredible flexibility. Choose different body footprints. Choose different sized doors and door colours in the same locker bank or within a single locker body.

You can create your own unique locker installation using these simple steps:

  • Select from 5 different locker “footprint” base sizes
  • Choose Locker Height : 1 – 9 different hinge heights
  • Choose Locker Door(s)
  • Select a colour or combination of colours from our 25 colour range.

Contact us for more information.

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