Safeguard Your Batteries with Our Storage Boxes

When it is necessary to store batteries, whether for personal use or in an industrial setting, finding the right storage solution is crucial. This is where battery storage boxes come in. These containers are specifically designed to store batteries of various sizes and types safely and securely. FSP New Zealand provides a diverse selection of large battery storage boxes that cater to your every requirement with the highest quality. Similar to a secure vault guarding your valuables, our boxes are designed to keep your batteries safe, private, and easily accessible.

Why Use A Battery Box?

A battery box is an essential safety item and will help contain your battery and protect its integrity against threats such as water or acid spills and damage.


One of the main reasons to use one of FSP OZ Products’ battery boxes is for safety. When working on a vehicle’s electrical system, it’s important to ensure that there is no power flowing to prevent electrical shocks or accidental short circuits. A battery isolation box allows you to disconnect the battery easily and quickly, making it safer to work on the electrical system.

Theft Prevention

A battery isolation box can also help prevent theft. By disconnecting the battery, you can make it harder for a thief to steal the vehicle or its components. This is particularly useful for vehicles that are parked for extended periods of time.

Battery Preservation

If you’re not going to be using your vehicle for an extended period of time, disconnecting the battery can help preserve its lifespan. Batteries can slowly discharge over time, even when not in use, which can lead to damage or failure. By disconnecting the battery, you can prevent this from happening and extend its life.

Power Management

In some cases, a battery isolation box can be used to manage power more effectively. For example, if you have multiple batteries in your vehicle, you can use a battery isolation box to switch between them, ensuring that each battery is charged and used efficiently.

At FSP, our team understands the importance of properly managing and preserving your vehicle’s battery. That’s why we offer a range of solutions to help you maintain your battery’s health and longevity.

What Choose FSP for Battery Storage Boxes?

While navigating the market for battery storage boxes, FSP New Zealand stands out for several reasons. Our commitment to safety and convenience sets us apart. Let’s delve into what makes our battery storage boxes unique:

1. Battery Isolation Box: Crafted with care and precision, our Battery Isolation Boxes are designed for secure on-site battery storage. The hot-dipped galvanised frame ensures durability, while galvanised sheeting adds an extra layer of longevity. Equipped with features like stainless steel vents, bearing slides, roller shutter, slide-out drawers, spring bolts, ACID logo, 4 x M20 Hold Down Points and drain holes on Bunded Pallets, these boxes provide a comprehensive solution for safe storage.

2. Fiberglass Battery Transportation Box: Ensuring safety during both storage and transport, our Fiberglass Battery Transportation Box is tailored for CAT batteries. With recessed lockable latches for security, ventilation for safety, and tie-down handles for practicality, this box is a versatile solution. The inclusion of aluminium rails, suitable for forklift use, enhances its convenience. The fibreglass battery case adds durability, making it a reliable choice.

3. Stainless Steel Battery Box: Our stainless steel battery storage boxes offer a secure storage solution without compromising on safety. Crafted to meet your desired size requirements, these boxes ensure reliable battery storage. The stainless steel construction provides protection against corrosion, and the reinforced lid ensures security. These boxes also have ventilation for safe storage, making them an excellent choice for both short-term and long-term battery storage requirements.

At FSP New Zealand, our battery storage boxes prioritise quality and safety. Whether you need a durable option for outdoor use or a practical solution for warehouse storage, our range of battery boxes has got you covered.

Upgrade your battery storage system with FSP New Zealand’s wide range of battery boxes. Trust in our expertise, and let us provide you with a reliable and safe solution for all your battery storage needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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