Invest in High-Quality Camper Chocks to Stay Safe During Camping Adventures

When it comes to camping, nothing is more important than ensuring your safety. Whether it be the gear you bring or the tools you use, it’s crucial to prioritise your peace of mind. That’s why investing in high-quality wheel chocks for your camper should be at the top of your list. 

Picture this: a picturesque camping spot surrounded by nature’s beauty. But imagine the panic of realising your camper is rolling away dangerously. Avoid this nightmare scenario by securing your vehicle with reliable and heavy-duty Oz Choks® from FSP New Zealand. 

What Makes Our Camper Chocks Different

Camper chocks prevent your vehicle from rolling even on a flat surface, where your handbrake may not be enough, reducing the risk of accidents occurring when you or your family are inside. 

At FSP New Zealand, we take great pride in our products, built to the highest quality standards. Our camper chocks are rotationally moulded, constructed in a single piece and injected with polyurethane foam, making them lightweight, incredibly strong, and long-lasting.

  • Heavy-duty Construction: Our campervan chocks are manufactured from 100% virgin materials, including polyethylene and high-density urethane foam. These chocks are tested for compliance by third-party testing facilities and meet ANSI guidelines on appropriate chocking requirements.
  • Durability: Our chocks for campervans are highly resistant to environmental factors that can cause damage. They can withstand damage from salt, moisture, water, temperature fluctuations, oils, fuels, and solvents. You can count on our Oz Choks® to consistently perform, whether driving through harsh terrain or storing your RV in a damp location.
  • Compliance: Our robust plastic wheel chocks comply with ANSI standards and include detailed guidelines for proper choking procedures to ensure your safety and most effective usage.
  • UV stabilised: Our  Oz Choks® are built to withstand high temperatures and direct sunlight without cracking, splitting, or breaking. This ensures reliable performance even in the harshest conditions.
  • Versatility: Thanks to the lightweight and durable design, our camper chocks are versatile enough to accommodate many vehicles. From cars and light trucks to vans and campers, our camper wheel chocks are the best solution for keeping your vehicles secure and stable.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Our standard wheel chocks come in a striking yellow colour, ensuring maximum visibility and safety. Nevertheless, we also offer other colour options upon request. 

How to Use Camper Wheel Chocks

Using camper wheel chocks is easy, but it’s essential to follow these guidelines for safety and effectiveness:

  • Conduct an adequate risk assessment before using wheelchocks.
  • Place chocks squarely against the centre of each tire.
  • Place chocks on a solid surface when the vehicle stops, and the parking brake is engaged.
  • Always use an adequate number of chocks as per your risk assessment.
  • The operator must comply with the manufacturer’s safe operation pre-check manual.
  • NEVER use damaged chocks.
  • NEVER drive over a chock.

Upgrade Your Camping Gear Today

Don’t let your camper roll away and put your family at risk. Invest in our heavy-duty Oz Choks®  today and upgrade your camping gear with the best camper wheel chocks. 

With our reliable and durable design, you can enjoy your camping adventures with complete peace of mind, knowing that our chocks will protect you. Order now and experience the difference for yourself.

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