UV Stable Plastic Mining Safety Products

Heavy machinery puts mining sites at risk of severe accidents. The personnel working on these sites may be exposed to extremely dangerous situations. In addition, secure storage facilities at mining sites are crucial to keeping belongings safe. If you are looking for high-end plastic mining safety products for mining sites, contact FSP New Zealand.

Being a well-known mining equipment manufacturer, we have gained a reputation for delivering an innovative range of polyethylene and polyurethane plastic products.

Robust Plastic Lockers for the Mining Industry

Miners who wear PPE gear require a spacious and robust storage solution to store their gear safely. FSP New Zealand offers a range of UV stable lockers and mining products that are resistant to the harmful effects of water, salt, abrasive chemicals, and harsh weather conditions. In addition, these lockers are designed to last longer and require minimal maintenance.

Long-Lasting Plastic Safety Equipment for Construction Sites

Risk management in the mining industry is a serious concern for all stakeholders. Minimising the risk of accidents is critical. It is therefore essential to invest in premium-quality plastic safety equipment. Made from high-density polyethylene plastic, our range of safety equipment is durable and able to endure extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

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