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Established in 1994, FSP Australia® designs, manufactures and distributes a large variety of high quality polyethylene and polyurethane products.


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Explore a Range of the Finest Quality Fire Safety Products

The quality and durability of your range of fire safety products cannot be compromised. Fire and safety equipment play a key role to ensure personnel and property safety, especially in potentially hazardous working conditions.

If you want an array of robust and well-engineered fire safety equipment across New Zealand, experts from FSP New Zealand are here to help you!

FSP New Zealand has gained a reputation of being one of the top fire and safety equipment suppliers in New Zealand. We have a vast experience of over 20 years and have manufactured a line of fire safety products that address your industry specific safety requirements. Our products are UV stabilised, corrosion resistant and well engineered, making them perfect for all types of work sites.

Looking for Superior Quality Lockers in New Zealand? We have What You Need!

Durable and functional lockers are an essential part of any organisation – whether it’s a school, office, workplace, factory or a sports club. They keep your premises organised and clutter-free. Our line of UV stabilised, one-piece construction lockers in New Zealand are designed and built to address your unique storage needs.

Our range of lockers are made from high density polyethylene plastic and can withstand harsh external elements, making them ideal for all environments. Being lightweight and easy to stack, these lockers are effortless to move and install.

The one-piece polyethylene structure doesn’t have seams or welds, making them highly secure. And to top that off, our lockers come with a 15 years warranty and last for years – saving you money on replacing cheap products every few years.

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Our experts apply highly advanced engineering know-how to build heavy-duty fire and safety equipment in New Zealand. Our equipment passes through a rigorous testing process, ensuring that these fire and safety products are sturdy enough to work effortlessly in industries like: Mining, Marine, Fire and Safety, Road Safety

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Build Your Lockers Your Way!

The OZ LOKA® system is based on a simple modular system that allows you incredible flexibility. Choose different body base sizes / footprints. Choose different sized doors and different door colours in the same locker bank or within a single locker body. You can create your own unique locker installation in three simple steps: