Thinking of Buying Clothes Lockers for Your Organisation? Read this First!

There’s a common notion that only military and emergency services personnel wear uniforms. But, this is not entirely true. Apart from these services, uniforms are an integral part of several industries like restaurants, hotels, hospitals and labs.

Most of these personnel prefer not to wear their uniform to work. So, they need a secure place to keep their clothes wrinkle free. Over the years, metal lockers have been the favourite choice.

However, constant exposure to humidity and moisture will cause these lockers to rust, which may lead to stained clothes.
Hook and Hang Rails: Store Uniforms Wrinkle Free and Ready to Wear
As it’s said “Modern Problem Requires Modern Solutions”, high density polyethylene clothes lockers offer an excellent solution for rusted and odorous metal lockers.

FSP New Zealand is a reputed name with extensive experience in manufacturing and distributing HDPE Plastic lockers for clothes. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of sleek, durable and rust-proof lockers to store the clothes wrinkle-free and ready to wear.
Water and Humidity Resistant Storage Solution that Keep Rust and Corrosion Away
On premises like health clubs or restaurants, the levels of moisture are usually higher. This quickens the oxidation process, resulting in rust and odors. Such lockers aren’t just unsightly to look at, but can also damage the belongings.

This situation can be avoided with a HDPE plastic clothing lockers for sale. No matter the level of exposure to water and humidity, they will not rust or corrode. This means these units will stay in great condition even after years of use, and keep belongings safe.
Clean off the Dust and Keep the Storage Units in Hygienic Conditions
In recent times, the importance of having an easy to clean and hygiene storage space has increased more than ever. This is particularly crucial for healthcare facilities.

Our broad array of lockers sizes and colours are easy to clean and sanitise, ensuring they are a safe place for PPE gear. With just a hose and soapy water, you can effortlessly clean off the dust, dirt and even stains from the surface.

In addition to this, the well-ventilated lockers keep the airflow circulating eliminating the chances of odor. The belongings stored within stay in fresh condition even when kept inside for long durations.

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