UV Stable Plastic Products for Marine Operations

Marine operations can be very challenging, involving a variety of hazards, including fire and vandalism. It is crucial to invest in a wide range of UV stable safety and storage plastic products for marine operations.

Contact FSP New Zealand to explore our plastic products designed specifically for marine operations. We are a leading manufacturer with a global reach and deliver superior quality plastic products to cater to a marine site’s unique working conditions.

Corrosion-Resistant Plastic Lockers for Marine Operations

FSP New Zealand produces a range of heavy-duty, robust and custom-made polyethylene and polyurethane products ideally suited for the harsh outdoor marine environment.

From rotational moulding, blow, and injection moulding to extrusion, we use the latest methods to manufacture customised products that meet your specific requirements. Our UV stabilised products are perfect for harsh marine conditions, resistant to corrosion, water, salt and harmful chemicals.

Sturdy Plastic Safety Equipment For Marine Operations

Whether you are looking for a storage solution for fire extinguishers or for hose reels, FSP New Zealand has you covered. Our safety equipment is designed to withstand harsh conditions and weather elements and will therefore last for years.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote. Call us on 027 234 5464 or drop an email at sales@fspnz.net.

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