Fire Protection & Safety Products

Utilising the latest technology, we manufacture heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene fire protection and safety equipment including hose reel cabinets. We have become trusted manufacturers and distributors of high-quality polyethylene products for the fire protection and safety industry.

Our industrial-grade fire safety equipment is designed for longevity, and ease of use. This ensures that products like hose reel cabinets won’t fail in critical situations.

Using innovative and advanced engineering, we produce equipment that meets our client’s demanding requirements. Our UV stable, durable and rust-resistant materials, are best suited for extreme environments.

FSP Oz Products offers an extensive range of fire protection and safety equipment and accessories available right across Australia. We supply top-of-the-line fire suppression products such as fire extinguishers, hose reels, brackets and covers that fully comply with all relevant regulations and Australian Standards.

Fire Hose Reels, Cabinets And More

Fire Hose Reels are the perfect first-attack piece of fire equipment for all commercial, residential & industrial buildings throughout Australia.

Designed to combat class A fires, these can prevent severe damage to property and human life.

FSP Oz Products offers fire protection and safety equipment to all areas of Australia.

In addition to the above products, we also offer a full range of signage and more.

Trusted Fire Protection Equipment Supplier in New Zealand

When it comes to fire protection equipment, you need a trustworthy supplier. That’s where FSP New Zealand® comes in. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are proud to be regarded as one of the most reliable fire protection equipment suppliers in New Zealand. Our commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service makes us the go-to supplier for businesses and homeowners alike. With a commitment to safety and excellence, we stand as a leading fire protection equipment supplier in New Zealand, providing the highest quality products to safeguard your property and loved ones.

Types of Fire Protection Equipment We Supply

We understand the importance of having reliable and effective fire protection equipment. As the leading fire protection equipment supplier in New Zealand, our extensive range covers various needs, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle any fire emergency. Here are some of the essential products we offer:

  • Fire Extinguisher Bracket

As the most reliable fire protection equipment supplier, we have designed our Fire Extinguisher Bracket to hold your fire extinguishers securely in place, providing easy emergency access. Built with durability in mind, these brackets ensure that your firefighting equipment is always within reach when needed.

  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Our fire extinguisher cabinets are crafted precisely for added protection and aesthetic appeal. These cabinets house your fire extinguishers securely and are essential in maintaining a clean and organised appearance in your commercial or industrial space.

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Stand

When flexibility is vital, our portable fire extinguisher stands offer a mobile solution to strategically place firefighting equipment in various locations. These stands are perfect for temporary setups or areas where wall mounting is not feasible.

  • Fire Extinguisher Locking Only Cabinets

Security is paramount when it comes to fire protection. Our locking-only cabinets provide an extra layer of protection for your fire extinguishers, ensuring that they are accessible only to authorised personnel.

  • Fire Extinguisher Non-locking Cabinet

In situations where quick access is crucial, our non-locking cabinets offer a convenient and hassle-free solution. These cabinets are designed for environments where security concerns are minimal, providing easy accessibility for an immediate response.

  • Underground Depot Box

Our underground depot boxes are built to withstand the elements while keeping your firefighting equipment secure. These boxes are ideal for outdoor installations, ensuring that your fire protection tools are always ready.

Why Choose FSP New Zealand® as Your Fire Protection Equipment Supplier

  • Comprehensive Range: We offer a comprehensive range of fire protection equipment, including extinguishers, cabinets, and more. This means you can find all the necessary tools to protect your property from fire in one place.
  • Compliance and Certification: We adhere to industry standards and regulations, providing you with peace of mind knowing that our products meet the necessary safety requirements.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritise customer satisfaction, offering personalised assistance to help you choose the right fire protection equipment for your unique requirements.
  • Experienced Team: With years of expertise in the field, our team is dedicated to providing expert advice and support to ensure you make informed decisions about your fire protection needs.

Choose FSP New Zealand® as your trusted fire protection equipment supplier and experience the peace of mind that comes with top-quality, reliable products. Your safety is our priority.

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