Heavy-Duty Oil Drain Trolleys At Affordable Prices

Trolleys are a standard piece of equipment in many industrial workplaces. Equipped with heavy-duty wheels, these trolleys are designed to transport heavy-duty products quickly. They eliminate the need to move heavy loads by hand and reduce the possibility of harm, injuries or accidents at work.FSP Oz Products manufactures oil drain trolleys in three capacities to efficiently collect engine oils, fluids, and coolants from equipment and vehicles used at construction sites.

Durable and Functional Oil Trolleys for Convenient Oil Disposal

Whether it is the construction of a large-scale civil or commercial project, construction vehicles like dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers are usually found on construction sites. Such heavy-duty earth-moving equipment comes with a unique set of challenges, with maintenance being one. Quality oil-draining trolleys can make the maintenance of construction vehicles more efficient as well as safer, helping to combat workplace injuries.

With over two decades of experience in developing industrial worker safety products, FSP Oz Products offers oil drain trolleys with 100L, 150L and 350 Litres capacities. Made from one-piece LDPE construction, our trolleys offer maximum chemical compatibility. These UV-stabilised, chemical-resistant, high-quality oil drain trolleys come with solid tyres for easy use and also to eliminate punctures.

Moreover, these oil trolleys feature the following:

  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Foot jack for braking
  • Solid nylon castors
  • Removable anti-skid grated work platform
  • Collapsible long handle
  • Plug for easy oil disposal

Our exceptionally designed oil trolleys have a removable grate for sump draining, and the 1″ BSP 316 stainless steel suction pipe allows for spill-free evacuation pump connections. The stainless steel fitting in the trolleys’ components helps prevent rust and other chemical contamination. The internal baffles reduce the possibility of waste oil spillage.

How Are Oil Drain Trolleys Beneficial?

Available at competitive prices, these versatile oil drain trolleys will provide the convenience of collecting oils without the mess. Plus, they do not need any installation, so there are no maintenance costs.

Additionally, the oil drain trolleys are helpful in the following ways:

  • Securely lifting and holding heavy materials, avoiding procedures that otherwise risk damaging materials.
  • Reducing the number of trips to transport waste oil, thus, saving time and money for maintaining a large volume of fluids. Only one person is required to operate the trolley.
  • Reducing the risk of oil or other fluids coming into contact with workers.
  • Decreasing the number of employee injuries. Repetitive lifting of oil barrels by hand can cause strain or injury to workers backs and shoulders, which is prevented with the use of a trolley

You can purchase trolleys of varying sizes to accommodate the volume of the waste fluids at your specific site. Our corrosion-free oil trolley can be an efficient tool for increasing your worker’s productivity and safety.

If you are looking for sturdy oil drain trolleys, call us on 027 234 5464 or drop us an email at sales@fspnz.net

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