Must-have emergency lockers, ideal storage solution for staff

UV stable

  • have an outdoor storage area.
    • you have flexibility for planning your company’s  storage needs

Heavy-duty lockers

  • reduce storage costs.
    •  emergency P.P.E. lockers suitable for decades.

Hook and hang rails

  • store uniforms wrinkle free
    • your clothes are ready to wear.

Water resistant

  • quickly clean off any dust or marks.
    • you will have rust free lockers.
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Don’t buy other lockers without trying this storage solution for staff first.

Maximise you’re storage investment

Heavy-duty lockers WHY: you reduce storage costs and that means emergency lockers suitable for decades.

Heavy-duty construction so you can maximize you’re storage investment and that means lockers that will last for years.

25 colours: choose from 25 colours to suit your company which means you can a brighter storage solutions. Also use a designated colour to signify P.P.E


Additional information

Length 485mm
Height 880mm
Width 490mm