Safeguard Your Cargo with FPS New Zealand’s Durable Plastic Pellet Angles

Transporting goods demands precision and expertise, particularly in ensuring cargo safety. At FPS New Zealand, we value load security and provide solutions to safeguard your products during transit. Our sturdy plastic pellet angles are designed to keep your merchandise intact and undamaged, regardless of transportation challenges.

Also known as Load Corner Angles or a Cargo Restraint System, these pellet angles ensure your goods arrive in pristine condition every time.

The Stellar Protector for Your Goods: Plastic Pellet Angle

Your cargo’s journey can be riddled with hazards, particularly from the straps intended to secure it. Understanding this challenge, we have developed the heavy-duty plastic pellet angle, the ultimate protective gear for your cargo.

Our plastic pallet angle takes the pressure off the cargo by spreading tie-down forces across the width of the pallet. This eliminates cargo damage but still keeps the cargo tight and secure.

Unmatched Features for Unparalleled Security

Our plastic pellet angles have a suite of features, making them non-negotiable for the discerning shipper. Our unique features include:

  • Ridges for Extra Grip: Tailored with ridges to grip onto your load tightly, the angles prevent slippage and shifting during transport.
  • Long-lasting & UV Resistant: Our plastic pallet angles are built for the long haul. With UV resistance factored into the production, you can expect longevity even under Australia’s intense sun.
  • Bulk Order Efficiency: To leverage economies of scale, we provide cost savings through our bulk purchase rates of pallet angles, prioritising the efficiency of your business. Our competitive bulk rates offer substantial savings as the quantity increases.
  • 100% Australian Made: Homegrown and proudly supporting the domestic industry, each pellet angle is a testament to local quality and craftsmanship.

Size and Construction that Fits All

Our Plastic Pellet Angles, with dimensions of 1000mm in length, 120mm in width, and 120mm in height, are universally versatile. Their construction is highly robust, ensuring repeated use without compromising their integrity.

Contact Us for Convenient Delivery Across Australia and New Zealand

We are committed to making your experience as seamless as possible. That’s why we offer pickup locations across Australia and New Zealand, facilitating more accessibility to our premier Cargo Restraint Systems.

Order now and lead your logistics game with conviction and care. For more information or to place a bulk order, contact our sales team to redefine cargo safety for your business.

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