Heavy-Duty Plastic Products for Preschools

Are you looking for UV stable and heavy-duty plastic products for your preschool? Finding the best quality products that align with your unique requirements can be a daunting process. Contact FSP New Zealand today and discover our wide range of heavy-duty, sturdy and weather-resistant plastic products specifically designed for preschools.

FSP New Zealand is a well-reputed name known for delivering world-class, Australian made, heavy-duty and child-safe plastic products. Our supreme-quality polyethylene and polyurethane plastic products offer unrivalled durability and versatility.

Sturdy and Colourful Range of Lockers for Preschools

Keep your premises organised and store bags, toys, books and other school essentials in a secure place. Our range of preschool lockers are more than simply storage solutions, they play an important role in creating a safe environment for early childhood education. Our lockers are made from high-density polyethylene plastic and can resist the harmful impacts of extreme temperature, humidity, air and corrosive chemicals. Available in 25 different anti-fade colours, these lockers have soft corners and edges, decreasing the chances of any injuries to preschoolers.

Invest in High-Quality Fire Safety Equipment for Preschools

Fire safety is an important part of any preschool. With the right equipment, you can reduce the chance of damage or injury and keep the preschoolers safe. If you are looking for world-class quality fire safety equipment for preschools, contact FSP New Zealand. Our UV stable, ergonomic and corrosion-resistant plastic fire safety equipment is perfect for preschools.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote. Call us on 027 234 5464 or drop an email at sales@fspnz.net.

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