Industrial duty fan, 900mm Rotationally Moulded Product Code: HP36BX Polyethylene, High Efficiency 560W variable speed, 240V totally enclosed motor, 125W, 240V maintenance free pump, Cooling media is a
cross corrugated angle flute specially formulated cellulose material, treated with a thermosetting resin for long life and efficient cooling, Water supply is a standard garden hose.

Become a Reseller / Distributor of Portable Evaporative Cooler – 900mm


  • Portable Industrial fan
  • Variable speed – 240v
  • Enclosed motor
  • Heavy-Duty plastic mould
  • Standard garden hose water supply
  • Long life cooling media
  • On rollers for easy movement
  • Maintenance free pump

Power supply required is 240V

Size: L 158 x W 75 x H 180cm

Additional information

Length 158mm
Height 180mm
Width 78mm
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