Safe and Durable Classroom Lockers: A Must-Have for Schools in New Zealand

In today’s educational world, students come to school equipped with valuable essentials such as textbooks, instruments and electronic gadgets. Ensuring a safe and organised learning environment requires the provision of secure lockers. FSP New Zealand offers Oz Loka® classroom lockers that prioritise security and durability while boasting a sleek, modern design.

Reinvent Your Educational Space With Oz Loka® Classroom Lockers

Students need a secure spot to store their belongings, a classroom locker that stands up to the daily hustle and keeps everything safe, from gadgets to gym gear. Our Oz Loka® range is more than just lockers; they’re a statement of durability and design innovation.

  • Tough from Every Angle
  • Oz Loka® lockers are made from heavy-duty polyethylene. Their resistance to impacts and corrosive elements ensures functionality and aesthetic appeal even in challenging environments.

  • An Investment in Longevity
  • These lockers are functional and sustainable, made from 100% recyclable materials. The UV stabilisation in their design ensures long-lasting colour vibrancy, contributing to their extended product life.

  • Tailored Solutions: Customisable Lockers
  • Our team can create a custom storage solution to fit your exact needs. Visit our Custom Locker Builder, and our experts will create a locker that meets your requirements.

  • Wide Variety of Doors
  • These easy-to-move and install lightweight lockers come with 9 different door variations, making them the perfect choice to fit whatever the required classroom space.

  • Fit for Any Space
  • With height options ranging from 250mm to 1930mm, this versatile range meets many storage needs. These space-saving solutions can benefit classrooms, changing rooms, and outdoor areas.

  • Vibrant Variety
  • Choose from 25 captivating locker colours to add fun, creativity, and personalisation to school corridors. This vibrant spectrum can inspire students, creating an engaging classroom environment for learning and self-expression.

Versatility in Security

Ensuring classroom security is of utmost importance today, and our Oz Loka® classroom lockers play a crucial role in achieving that. These lockers are a robust choice, available in a versatile range of security configurations and enhanced features.

Crafted from HDPE material and equipped with high-grade stainless steel hinges, our lockers are ideal for wet areas, coastal locations, and outdoor settings.

  • No More Restricted Access
  • The lockers can be customised to meet a school’s security standards with various locking mechanisms, from traditional padlocks to digital interfaces. These options ensure a stringent safety protocol.

  • An Accessory for Every Need
  • USB charge ports and sloping hoods are two of the many forms of customisation you can choose from to tailor your locker solution to perfectly meet your student’s needs and work in the space they need to fit.

  • Attention to Detail
  • Each locker is equipped with practical features such as clothes hooks, rail hooks, and number plaques. This user-centric design ensures optimal functionality for organising and accessing students’ belongings during extracurricular activities.

  • Maintenance made simple
  • OzLoka® lockers effortlessly eliminate graffiti and sticker problems with easily cleanable surfaces. A quick wash keeps them looking brand new, making maintenance quick and simple.

Elevate your Classroom Storage Standard with OzLoka® Locker Solutions

OzLoka® is more than a locker provider for New Zealand’s schools, it’s an education partner. We offer products that support school activities, minimise environmental impact, and instil student pride and organisation.

Are you interested in our safe, durable, and purposefully planned classroom lockers? Get in touch today to elevate your campus storage standards.
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