Custom Made Plastic Products for Oil and Gas Companies

An oil rig is at high risk of large scale fire accidents and may result in casualties. One of the ways to address these hazards is to invest in high-quality plastic products specifically designed for oil and gas companies. If you are searching for durable plastic products, contact FSP New Zealand.

We are a leading manufacturer of world-class quality plastic products and have extensive experience.
Heavy-Duty Plastic Lockers for Oil and Gas Companies
Oil and gas companies face unique storage challenges. It’s important to have a heavy-duty storage solution impermeable to water and harsh chemicals. Contact FSP New Zealand to explore a wide range of plastic lockers for storage of oil and gas companies. Our UV stabilised polyethylene lockers are resistant to the detrimental impacts of harsh chemicals, weather elements and temperature fluctuations.
Best Quality Fire Safety Products for Oil and Gas Companies
FSP New Zealand manufactures high-end fire safety products specifically designed to resist the harsh conditions of oil and gas drilling and refinery operations. We have designed and manufactured a weather-resistant and UV stabilised range of products that offer unrivalled durability and versatility.

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