Explore New Zealand with the Perfect Chilly Bin Collection

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, staying refreshed is a critical consideration. Whether you’re a camping fan, love a good picnic, or want to get away and head off the grid in New Zealand, it’s probably not an overstatement that having the right chilly bin can make or break your experience.

FSP New Zealand offers a wide range of premium chilly bins to suit every need and style. From compact carry-ons to large coolers, we’ve got you covered. We have the perfect blend of functionality and style in our wide range of chilling solutions.

3-5 Days of Cool: The OZKI Classic Hardcore Chilly Bins

Our OZKI range of hardcore chilly bins is a classic lineup that ensures your supplies stay chilled for days. Crafted from durable materials and designed with portability, these camping chilly bins are the best combination of longevity and practicality in New Zealand.

  • Built for Endurance and Ease of Use
    Each OZKI chilly bin is constructed with UV-resistant materials, ensuring they can take the heat without losing their cool or colour. Latching lids and reinforced stainless steel hinges keep the cold and heat out, while the ergonomic handles make hauling them from the car to the campsite a breeze.
  • Multiple Sizes: Find the Right Fit for You
    Whether heading out on a solo hike or planning a family camping trip, finding the right-sized chilly bin is essential. We have a wide range of dimensions available, from 25L to 120L, so you can find the perfect chilly bin with just the suitable chill space to match your adventure.
  • Tailored for Travel
    Our smaller chilly bins models, starting at 25L, are designed for easy transport. They fit snugly into the trunk of a car, a kayak hatch, or on the back of a motorbike, ensuring that you don’t have to sacrifice cold storage for convenience.
  • Cooler for Weekend Getaways
    Our popular mid-range 50L models are perfect for weekend getaways or longer trips for two. These chilly bin coolers provide generous space without being overly cumbersome, making them a preferred choice for couples or small groups.
  • Go Big or Go Home
    For ultimate camping convenience, our largest-size chilly bins (120L and beyond) can store enough food and beverages for many people and are great for boats, long journeys with groups and entertaining.

Available in Blue or White: Style That Stays Fresh

At FPS New Zealand, our chilly bins come in two classic colours that complement any outing: cool blue and pristine white.

  • Aesthetic Appeal that Lasts
    Our chilly bins look great now and will stay that way. These vibrant colours are designed to retain their brightness, even after enduring many seasons under the sun.
  • The Secret of Light-coloured Coolers
    These light-coloured coolers reflect heat and make it easier to keep looking fresh, ensuring your gear looks as good as new for much longer than expected. This is the kind of ‘cool’ that stays in vogue.

Prepare for the Coolest Adventure with Our Chilly Bins in New Zealand

If you’re looking to buy chilly bins in New Zealand that will withstand time and elements, FSP’s range has got you covered. Our chilly bins offer exceptional insulation and unmatched durability for all your adventures. Choose from various sizes to find the perfect fit for any occasion.

Create unforgettable outdoor moments, stargazing by a campfire or fishing under the sun, knowing you can rely on our rugged outdoor coolers. The OZKI Classic Hardcore chilly bin combines ease of use with superior quality performance all the time.

Why wait? Gear up, pack up, and prepare for your life’s coolest adventure.

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