A well-designed locker room equipped with all the necessary amenities is an excellent investment that can benefit your health club members. Aesthetically pleasing, versatile and fully functional locker rooms play a crucial role in creating positive first impressions and providing ongoing convenience for members. 

When you are working on designing a locker room for your gym, fitness club, health club or yoga facility, there are dozens of decisions to make and many factors to consider. Finding the right design for your locker room can be challenging, so  it is essential to understand your members’ unique storage needs. Our website has a locker builder function, that along with the additional advice provided by our experts, makes the process of choosing your perfect locker simple and straightforward. 

There are no specific industry standards when it comes to the ideal allocation of area for lockers. However, many architects and experts believe that ideally locker rooms should take up no more than 10-15% of your facility’s total area.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when you are planning to build or upgrade locker rooms for a health club:

Type of Facilities/Amenities on the Premises

An essential factor to consider when designing a locker room are the amenities or facilities on your premises. For example, a health club with a swimming pool requires lockers that won’t be damaged by water and humidity. High-density polyethylene plastic lockers are a perfect solution for such premises as they are resistant to water, salt, and humidity.

Health clubs with a variety of amenities may cater to a more diverse range of patrons. In such cases, having a separate locker room for men, women and patrons of different ages ensures safety and convenience.

Availability of Space 

Before deciding on locker room sizes, club owners need to determine the configuration of the lockers. Ordering custom-made lockers can make it easy to optimise limited space. Depending on the storage requirements, a club owner can customise the lockers by adding the required number of shelves, locking systems, hanger rails and other functional accessories.
locker accessories

Ease of Maintenance 

Health club lockers are usually more vulnerable to rust and corrosion due to exposure to water and humid conditions., In addition, unsanitised and unclean lockers can create a negative impression with customers and employees. High-density polyethylene plastic lockers are resistant to rusting caused by moisture, air and harmful cleaning chemicals. These units can also be easily cleaned with a soap and water mixture. The overall hygiene helps in retaining members and encourages potential members to join. 

Disabled Friendly Locker Room 

Lockers can also be designed to give easy access for people with disabilities. When creating locker rooms, it’s essential to consider disabled-accessibility. Ensure convenient access to the designated lockers and showers so the physically disabled can use them safely and comfortably. Having custom made lockers of a specific height and depth can play a significant role in making locker rooms disabled-friendly. We offer kicker-base support to increase the height of the locker off the ground and sloping hoods to ensure that no objects can be stored on top of lockers, making them safe in all circumstances. 

If you are considering upgrading or building a new locker room for your health club, get in touch with experts from FSP New Zealand. 

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