Fire Safety Certificate

Fire can be a life-threatening danger. In certain conditions, even small fires have the potential to grow into massive infernos and cause enormous damage. Fires can be unpredictable and catch many people off guard. Therefore, having a reliable fire protection system on your premises is crucial to ensure your building is prepared to protect lives and property should a fire occur.

If you are the owner of multi-unit residential complexes, commercial or industrial buildings, you will need a fire safety certificate if any of the following apply:

The building is new
The building has changed its use
A fire safety order has been issued to your building or premises

You will only be eligible for this certificate if you have met all the mandatory fire safety measures (FSM) outlined in your most recent safety schedule. The fire safety certificate is a document that is issued by or on behalf of the building owner(s) upon completing new building work.

How does FSM Play a Vital Role in Achieving Fire Safety Certificates?

The FSMs are based on clause 166 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 and the requirements for annual fire safety statements.

There are 36 individual FSMs available under the Fire Safety Assessment, including any fire safety equipment, a form of construction or a fire safety strategy that could be implemented in a building to ensure the safety of persons in the building if any fire incident occurs.

A fire safety certificate confirms that each FSM that applies to a building has been installed and checked by a qualified person. This helps verify that the required fire safety measures can perform to the required standard.

Where to Find Fire Safety Products?

As a renowned designer and manufacturer, FSP New Zealand supplies carefully engineered fire safety equipment that can help prevent fires from causing casualties and damage to property.

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