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Premium Quality Plastic Products for the Food Industry 

The food industry is dynamic. It is huge, and every domain, whether a food processing plant, cold storage facility or restaurant, has its own unique challenges. Contact FSP New Zealand to explore a wide range of plastic products designed and manufactured specifically for the food industry. 

We are a renowned brand with a global reputation for delivering excellent quality plastic products for the food industry. Our range of durable products passes through a rigorous quality control process and meets international standards.

Durable and Fire-resistant Lockers for the Food Industry

FSP New Zealand is a leading manufacturer of sturdy, weather-tested and fire-resistant plastic lockers to keep supplies and essentials safe. In addition, these lockers are UV stabilised and able to endure extreme atmospheric conditions and are not combustible in a fire. 

Sturdy Plastic Safety Equipment for Food Industry 

With oil, grease, and other flammable materials around, installing safety equipment to prevent damage or injury is essential. We have a wide range of durable, fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant safety equipment. 

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