fire safety tips and guidelines for students

Without the proper fire safety guidelines and products in place, fire outbreaks can have disastrous consequences. This is why it’s crucial to educate students about fire safety. In the chaotic circumstances of fire outbreaks, ensuring students can remain calm and know how to get to safety, can potentially save lives.

Here are a few safety tips for students that could save their lives in the event of fires.

  1. Stay Calm

    Losing composure in a chaotic situation can have severe consequences. Staying calm, composed, and alert can help you get to safety quickly.

  2. Try to Get Out ASAP

    Knowing and practising fire escape techniques can help you exit a burning building quickly. Remaining inside a building that has caught on fire is extremely dangerous. Becoming trapped is a critical danger, and smoke and ash can lead to suffocation.
    Pay attention and participate in fire drills performed in school. Memorise all the fire escape routes and assembly points to act swiftly in the event of fire outbreaks.

  3. Get Down

    If escape routes are covered in smoke, the first step is to try to find other ways out. If the only path open to you is burning, it is vital to get down low and crawl until you are outside, as the cleanest air to breathe will be 30 to 60 cm above the ground.

  4. Always Choose Stairs

    Lifts and escalators can fail at any moment during fire outbreaks, and you may become trapped if the power goes out. If you are on the second storey or higher, always use the stairs in emergency situations such as fires.

  5. Stop, Drop, and Roll

    If your clothes or any part of your body catch fire, stop, drop, and roll. Don’t panic and run! You need to stop wherever you are, drop down to the floor, cover your face with your hands, and roll back and forth over and over. This helps to smother the flames, putting out the fire.

Students should also be taught the fundamentals of using fire safety equipment in case they find themselves in a difficult situation. Basic information like how to operate fire extinguishers, how smoke or fire alarms operate, and how to access the items kept in a fire safety cabinet can help the students feel more confident about themselves in hazardous situations.

In addition to teaching students the basics of fire safety, it’s equally important to equip the facilities with high-quality fire safety equipment. FSP New Zealand is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable, industrial-grade fire safety products. Give your students a fighting chance if they ever have to handle fire emergencies themselves.

Get in touch with our experts for information on how to make your premises safer for your students.

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