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Customised Range of Industry Leading Plastic Products for Civil Aviation 

From providing secure storage facilities to ensuring proper safety equipment, the civil aviation industry has many challenges to deal with. Searching for a durable, quality-tested and customised range of products to address these unique requirements is an ongoing requirement. 

If your search is not yet over, get in touch with FSP New Zealand. From 1996 till today, FSP New Zealand has come a long way to deliver an extensive array of polyethylene and polyurethane plastic products . Being a company that is pioneering innovations within the plastic industry, our products offer unparalleled quality and supreme durability even under harsh weather conditions. 

We apply the latest moulding techniques that enables us to offer better customisation options. Our UV stabilised products are resistant to corrosion and resistant to water, salt or harmful chemicals.

Contact FSP New Zealand for more information on our wide range of products.