Robust Plastic Products for the Chemical Industry

Working with dangerous chemicals is not easy, and it is vital to install durable and heavy-duty plastic safety equipment and storage facilities to ensure the well-being of personnel. Contact FSP New Zealand to explore a wide range of high-density polyethylene plastic products designed to address the unique challenges in the chemical industry.

FSP New Zealand is a well reputed manufacturer of high-quality polyethylene and polyurethane plastic lockers. We apply an advanced manufacturing process to deliver superior quality products.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Lockers for Chemical Industries

Whether at a chemical warehouse or a manufacturing plant, a solid and secure locker is vital to store valuable and sensitive items safely. With heavy-duty plastic lockers, you can rest assured that all valuable items on-site, from dangerous chemicals and expensive raw materials to employee belongings, are stored securely.

Fire-Resistant Plastic Safety Equipment for Chemical Industries

Designed specifically for the chemical industry, our range of fire-resistant plastic safety equipment requires minimum maintenance. The chemical industry has to deal with a variety of flammable substances. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the best fire-resistant safety equipment to ensure safe management of accident situations.

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