Fire Checklist for Workplace

The necessary fire safety standards in the workplace are the responsibility of both employers and owners of commercial premises. The guidelines might vary depending on the location, a daycare facility or nursing home may have different specific rules than a warehouse or a construction site.

Continuous fire assessment must be done if you are an employer. Putting into action all required fire safety procedures aids in minimising any risks found at the workplace. This Fire Safety Checklist is a convenient tool to ensure that all the essential measures are taken for workplace safety and to build fire security awareness among employees and customers. 

Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Fire Safety Equipment 

It’s crucial to ensure you have sufficient fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire alarms and that they’re appropriately placed. Similarly, fire alarms should be tested regularly, weekly is ideal. If you test alarms when people are in the workplace, they will immediately recognise the sound of the fire alarm if and when it is sounded for real. 

Fire Safety Cabinets

Fire safety cabinets are a key addition to storing fire extinguishers or hose reels. They keep fire extinguishers organised and in the correct place to avoid workplace accidents. 

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) 

Suppose you are a warehouse or commercial property owner. In that case, you should have a detailed plan describing the actions warehousing employees should take in the event of a fire or other emergency situations.

Exit Routes 

The site should have at least two well-designed and well-constructed emergency exit routes; another can be used if one is obstructed by fire or smoke. Both routes should be regularly inspected for maintenance, safety precautions, and operational features. These routes should be situated as far apart as is practical from one another.

Fire Safety Communication 

Personnel who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals that may catch fire should be informed of these substances and how to protect themselves. The industry owner should develop and implement a written Fire Safety Communication programme to ensure awareness among workers.

Extra Workplace Management Measures

  • NO SMOKING signs should be visible, and strict policies for smoke-free areas should be implemented. 
  • The kitchen or pantry areas must have a proper ventilation system.
  • Staff members should be aware of the safe use of cooking facilities.
  • Combustible and flammable materials should be removed from areas that contain electrical equipment.
  • Machines should be regularly checked for oil leaks and other problems like overheating.
  • Sprinkles, fire hydrants, pumps, and hose systems should be tested and maintained.
  • Fire escape stairs and passage should be cleared.
  • Emergency lighting must be working and connected to security controls.

You can do many things to develop fire safety in the working environment. Some will require maintenance, customary support or checking, so it’s helpful to set aside a day per quarter to review your fire safety checklist. 

Some of the points included in the above checklist are easy to check to ensure fire safety protection at the workplace. FSP New Zealand offers a range of carefully engineered workplace fire safety products, from heavy-duty fire extinguisher cabinets to cable reels and much more, for improved safety. We supply fire safety products for the workplace using advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure minimum casualties and damage to property.

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