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From meat packaging plants to cheese manufacturing facilities, the food and beverage manufacturing industry in New Zealand forms a significant part of its economy. With multiple sources of heat from high performing food processing equipment, there are a range of risks that could potentially ignite a fire. 

Many food processing plants use flammable oil, combustible dust and high-powered machinery. Additionally, large industrial ovens are a common fire hazard and pose a severe threat to the worker’s lives and property.  

Fire Safety Equipment To Prevent Fire Accidents

In addition to fire alarms and advanced fire suppression systems, having the best fire safety equipment to fight both major and minor outbreaks is crucial. 

There is a comprehensive range of fire safety equipment specifically designed for the food industry. Whether it’s a large meat packaging plant, grain mill, oil extraction plant or cold storage, this equipment can effectively meet industry  safety standards. 

Plastic fire safety equipment has better resilience against high temperatures and harsh working conditions than many other materials, thus helping with fire prevention. Whether an extinguisher stand or a depot box, UV stable safety equipment is fire-resistant and ideal for food processing plants. 

Which are Some of the Basic Fire Safety Equipment Items for Food Processing Plants? 

1. Heavy-Duty Fire Extinguisher Cabinets and Stand 

Fire extinguishers play a vital role in controlling fires at the initial stage, ensuring that damage is minimised. It’s vital to ensure the extinguisher is kept handy and in the best possible condition. Fire extinguisher cabinets protect the canister from the elements and an extinguisher stand allows easy access in times of emergency. The bright colours make it easier to see extinguishers if the premises become engulfed in thick smoke.  

Unlike cabinets, extinguisher stands don’t necessarily need to be fixed permanently to a wall. This makes it easier and quicker to move the extinguishers to different places during planning and rearrangement phases. Stands can also be mounted on walls in cases where a permanent solution is needed.

2. Fire Depot Boxes

It’s important to store specific fire safety components such as nozzles, flat hoses and couplings in a secure place. Durable and UV stable fire depot boxes offer an ideal solution to store small fire safety equipment. These boxes are placed where they are easy to see and access. Fire depot boxes also ensure that fire safety components are kept safe from unauthorised use, vandalism and harsh weather elements. Equipped with wheels, these boxes are easy to move and can be used at a specific location whenever the need arises.

3. Fire Hose Reel Covers

Ruptures, tangles and kinks can hinder the functioning of hoses during an emergency. In addition, hose pipes lying on the ground pose a risk of entanglement and tripping accidents. Having fire hose reel covers is therefore  imperative for food processing and packaging plants. These sturdy and robust plastic covers keep the hoses in a secure position, making them easy to use when required. The UV stable covers keep the hose safe from the damaging effects of air, water, humidity and harsh chemicals. 

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